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    Introducing BEEBEST LITO, a wearable walkie-talkie with sleek style and great functionality. Compatible with the smart ring controller and BlueTooth earphones, LITO is perfect for your outdoor activities. 

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    Smart Ring Controller

    We have innovatively designed a wireless ring controller that allows you to activate LITO simply by pressing the controller button during sports activities

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    Compatible with Bluetooth and 3.5mm Earphones

    LITO supports both Bluetooth and 3.5mm headphones, eliminating the need to reach out and hold the walkie-talkie and enabling hands-free call reception. Moreover, LITO provides a stable signal and clear sound quality for timely, smooth, and secure communication.

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    Compatible with Camera Action Accessories

    LITO is designed to be easily mounted on standard Action Camera mounts like arm straps, helmets, and more. Effortlessly switch between various action scenes.

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    Waterproof and Dustproof

    LITO is resistant to water splashes and dust particles due to its IP54 rating. This feature ensures its functionality and durability even in challenging conditions.

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    Location Sharing Offline

    Our smart app enables you to share your location even in areas without network access. By connecting to the BLE of the mobile phone, LITO can obtain the location information from the mobile phone's GPS and send it to other people through the walkie-talkie.